Seth Godin: Why I want you to steal my ideas

Gotta love Seth Godin…

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By Seth Godin

Please don’t steal my car.

If you drive away with it, I won’t have it any more, which is a real hassle.

Please don’t steal my identity or my reputation either. Neither travels well, and all the time you’re using it, you’re degrading something that belongs to me.

But my ideas? Sure, yes, please, by all means, take them.

The scarcity underlying the industrial economy (what’s not yours is mine) has pushed us to make a mistake about ideas. If everyone in town comes to my plant and takes a free sample of what I make, I’ll go bankrupt. But if everyone in the world takes a free sample of one of my ideas (or at least one of my good ones), we’ll all get richer.

I got an email from a reader last week. She was spitting angry at another blogger and wanted me to lower the…

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iBraryGuy Talks More about Innography on FreePint Blog

Excellent take…


When the Software & Information Industry Association named the winners of its 2014 CODiE Awards on 30 January, patent powerhouse Innography walked away with two of the coveted trophies.

Named both Best Legal Information Solution and Best Service Using Aggregated Content, the seven-year-old company found its flagship product a finalist in three CODiE categories.

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‘The Theatre of the Book’: Marginalia and Mise en Page in the Cardiff Rare Books Restoration Drama Collection

Marginalia is important as in Shakespeare

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A Metric for the Quality of Peer Review: Interview with Adam Etkin of PreSCORE

Updates in scholarly communication & peer review.

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Tools for an Organized Job Search

Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way: Developing and Applying a Forward-Focused MindsetCreate Your Future the Peter Drucker Way: Developing and Applying a Forward-Focused Mindset by Bruce Rosenstein

Create your future the Peter Drucker Way: Developing and Applying a Forward Focused Mindset by Bruce Rosenstein.
In a world of ever increasing uncertainty Bruce Rosenstein, a Drucker scholar, brings a practical, focused and realistic approach to creating our future. With this in mind, Rosenstein articulates clearly and concisely, the degree to which we can, by making incremental changes, build a foundation for tomorrow today. But how do we do this? And, why is this so important today?

Peter Drucker, (1909-2005), a future focused thought leader, was a poignantly insightful writer, orator, consultant and a renaissance man. His love of Japanese art influenced his mindset and imbued his writings with eloquence, beauty and vision. Drucker is known internationally as a leadership and management guru and deeply influenced Rosenstein. The wisdom, insight and deep appreciation of a man, who saw things unseen to others, reveals the unique relationship Bruce had with Drucker.

Through his process of thinking deeply about Drucker principles, Bruce developed and applied a forward focused mindset and created his own future today as the Managing Editor of Leader to Leader, author, speaker and Drucker expert. Rosenstein deftly crafts his work by identifying the fundamental aspects of Drucker’s vast body of work and expands it with thoughts of some of today’s leadership experts. Rosenstein identifies mindset, uncertainty, creation, inevitability, present moment, change, reflections, remove/improve; innovation/entrepreneurship and risk as quintessential elements to build the future mind in a well-defined and focused way.

Written in a highly engaging and self-directed style, this book leads the reader on a journey of self-discovery to conceive, create and innovate. Whether considering disruptions in society, the future that has already happened, being the change or building your future, Rosenstein says it’s important to have an open mind, cast a wide net and drill down to find what is relevant to the future. More importantly, read, discuss, listen and observe.

With the radical changes occurring globally in all facets of our lives, Bruce encourages us to reach beyond our grasp, become change agents, improve ourselves in small ways each day and be our own successor. As we accept transitions and transformations as a way of life, our forward focused mindset can lead us to beat our own personal best. A must for your library or organization!

BOTTOM LINE: Highly recommended for upper division level undergraduate through professionals and general readers. Extensive bibliography, web resources and index. Marianne E. Giltrud, MSLS

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Lorcan Demsey OCLC news

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Information Literacy and Learning

We have spent this week working asynchronously and synchronously teasing out the framework of  Information Literacy and Learning.  Please post your reflections on what you learned this week and what you believe the assignments meant.  What did you learn?  Why is this important?  How does it relate to what you know? And how can you extrapolate this into your area of focus.

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